The Boy With Off Switches, and the Girl who Refused Stitches

He turned it off because it pained him,
flipped the lever and erased them
every intimate moment they shared,
every night in her bed.  

Footprints along beach walks, 
and early morning wine talks,
they all disappeared the next time
he opened his eyes.

 And She bled from the wound left gaping,
refusing treatment or sutures,
fingernails clawing to ensure scars,
hoping, maybe  he’d never came back.  

And he forgot’ her
as she lay wounded on the floor.  
In shock’
from the lack of the knock
at her door
or the call to her phone.  

He simply left her alone’
because all he saw were closed blinds
and locks to the place he used to put his key,
to the pillow where he used to sleep,
and her last. haunting. words:

“stay the hell away from me”

— So he did.