The Black Moth

Shes sawed frantically at the cord,
desperate to free herself
from the beast that dragged her.

A monster that snapped and popped,
un-furrowing like a giant moth
spiraling in the night.
It tugged at her heart
and it jerked at her loins
as it spun and dived;

it kept her restrained and confined,
squeezing her tightly against her will.  

It jackknifed’ through the air
deftly avoiding the branches and snares
she cursed it as she would
a garrote around her throat.

With her little blade,
she gnawed at the cords that bound her.
Finally in a breath a victory–
she cut herself free…

…and she fell.  

As her parachute was left to sail in the wind.
An unburdened kite, all the more lightened.