The Quarry

Two soul mates drawn together, but fated for love misaligned.  She was born one week too early’ or him, one week to late, through a cruel twisting of time.  So when she whispered “I love you”  and all he heard was “I’m angry” echoed from the week before.  When he said “you’re the one I come home to”, all she heard was “I hate you” and so they fought.   When he finally mustered his apology– she was already gone.  He was left’ haunted by echoes and shadows yet unable to respond.

 He couldn’t live without her, so he encased himself in stone, vowing to spend the next three hundred and fifty eight days alone.  Within the walls of without her, he withered, wishing to be out there, somewhere with her; whether she understood him or not.  He would  be a gentler lover, speaking adoringly of her, so as the weeks turned, there would be nothing to be misheard.  Not – one – word.  Her name and his love became a prayer on his lips, whispered repeatedly and clutched to his chest like a crucifix– until his last breath left him.  

She had traveled a great distance and burned a good length of life, when her queried heart turned her gaze to look behind.  Finding his old  quartz quarry she wandered inside. And there, she heard him for the first time.  Over and over again, the cavern was filled with the echoes of him.  Her name.  His love.  His life.