A Ruined Moment

The little boy leaned over the table his shoulders dancing with anticipation as he drank in the air in front of him, his cheeks all aglow, ready to blow out his birthday candles.  “You’re doing it wrong” the little girl next to him scolded, “you should breathe with your gut and not your cheeks” the little boy held his breath “and when you breathe” she she poked him menacingly with her index finger”be careful not to spit on the cake, you always spit” she paused “and the smoke, nobody likes smoke in their eyes, so breathe it that way”  “And you’re leaning too far in; it’s not safe.  You should be further back.” she prodded him backwards from the cake and frowned, “And the plates don’t really match now, do they?”

And by the time she was done. the candles had burned down and the magic of the moment was gone.