The Den of Villains

The den of villains would hang me for this mutiny.  They’d take my skull and bones and cast them into the sea.  And the bourgeoisie would turn up their noses and turn down their dials and simply unplug, the deafening sound of nothingness with that final strum.

Like two reckless surgeons unwilling to see the inevitable way this will end.  With both of us amputated beyond repair.  But perhaps there are never any good breaks or clean cuts.  And with any good swipe– it takes guts.  Both to swing and to spill.  But if you’re willing I’m willing– I will… leave you ruined and wanting, desperately hating me.  But what an adventure.  Oi.  What an adventure it’ll be.

Because lying is fun.  And lying next to you is funn-er.