Prize Box

I can’t be the only one who does this:

I’ve got a bunch of cool little nick-nacks in my “saved for later” cart on Amazon.  Little random stuff like a new shifter knob for my car, or a quiver for my arrows, or a new LED flashlight/phone charger, or a knife sharpener.  Things that I don’t really need, but are kinda cool and useful.  Whenever I have a good week where I don’t waste money or do anything stupid, I go ahead and buy one of them for myself.

Now that I think about it, growing up my parents had a prize box for me… where if I didn’t get into trouble in school or sent to the office or fight with my siblings, I got a small prize out of there.  I’ve implemented the exact same reward system for myself.  I suppose spanking never really worked.

Funny how I’m an “adult”, but still very much the same.