Be Good Bait

If there are plenty of fish in the sea… I am the bait on the hook.  I am the collective product, my appearance, my aspirations, my mind, my writing, my family, my spirit and my soul all boils down to one tiny mouthful that either interlocks us together forever of causes you to go swimming by.    So the question is: “When we are standing eye to eye do you dare venture a bite?”

I need to Be.  Good.  Bait.

And I need to go fishing in the right places.  Because when the girls start calling me “cute” instead of “clever”, I’ve done something wrong in my endeavors’  Because everyone who loves me is a reflection of who I am.

I need to excel in absolutely everything I do.  So when our paths intersect I need to be a flavor you absolutely can’t resist.  And I don’t mean purely aesthetics, I mean to the core of me I need to be someone worth risking the hook and the lure, the dry dock and the cold floor.  And I’ve learned a lot these past few months; what it is to be greedy, and what it is to show mercy, and what it is to walk away.

Be. Good. Bait.

I need to be the kind of person you see, husband, father, and future all in the same glance.  I need to be provider and purvayor of passion both encapsulated in the same man.  Because there are plenty of fish in the sea,  I’ll be damned if I let you miss what we could be.

So I will, Be.  Good Bait.

And wait.

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