The King of the Mountain

I am the King of the Mountain!

Hard pressed’ and beset
on all sides by usurpers
and conquerors,

I have won the struggle to the top.
So that all may fear me,
so that all may envy
the glittering prize
I have clutched within my fist.

Regardless’ of my milky blind eye,
and my lame leg lost in the pursuit of it.

My entrails spilled’
and lost somewhere among
the thorny bluffs,
but still on I pressed.

My heart slipped from the hollow
cavity of my chest,
so that when I beat upon my breast
plate all the others can hear is my roar–

Victor!  Conqueror!

And from a distance down the steep sides
they can’t see my limp or my scars,
all they see is me and my prize.

I am the King of the Mountain!

I do not sleep alone.
But I have given up all that was of me… t
o sit upon the mountain throne.

I am the King of the Mountain!

I am.

The king.

Of absolutely nothing.